Reconnect, Recenter, Refocus.

November 6th-8th, 2020


See Yourself Living a New Life, A New Dream


Connecting to something bigger than you and calling in all your heart desires!

Making lifelong and soulful connections

Connecting to your internal happiness, coming alive, and feeling free! 

Shedding, releasing and cleansing anything that doesn't serve you and connecting to who you really are

So join us for 3 days of rejuvenation, connection, community, empowerment, and more, for what could be the most important weekend of your life. 


It's your time to gain clarity, reconnect with your truth, and ignite the greatness inside of you to expand into an exciting new level in your life and career. 

Life transforming one of a kind retreat held in

the comfort of your home. 

This experience is for spiritually rooted women who no longer want to inhibit their own potential so they can create the life of their dreams. You will reprogram your mind, heal your fears and wounds, and align with your sense of self to elevate your life. The experience that takes place during the retreat unfolds in a natural way and produces results that can last a lifetime.

Discover What You Really Want & See How Quickly You Can Manifest It Into Your Life!

Step into any and all situations with a sense of confidence, knowing you've nourished yourself well, and equipped yourself with new tools to be you in all of your personal power. By working with the power and energy you already possess, we assist your personal growth and come home to your true self and your purpose in life. You'll return home ready to put your new skills into action in all areas of your life in a supported and sustainable way.

This retreat is for the woman who... 

Wants to discover and nurture what's already in you and make it more accessible

Longs to be FREE to do whatever she wants, whenever she wants

Is tired of making excuses and holding herself back

Knows she is meant to be, do and have MORE in her life

Longs to heal from the past and get back into alignment with who you really are and what you really want

Wants to develop a greater sense of connection, meaning and purpose

It's time to experience happiness, fulfillment, excitement, abundance!


November 6th-8th, 2020

The retreat will begin at 7:00 pm on Friday, November 6th, and conclude Sunday, November 8th. The retreat agenda will be sent once you register for the experience. 

Virtual Experience: No need to plan for travel or lodging. You can do this retreat from the comfort of your home. Or you can plan to book a hotel room and make it a personal retreat for yourself. 

Watch Your Life Transform Over 3 Days of Personalize Healing, Accelerated Growth and Connection 

What You Can Expect? 

Day 1: The Power of Setting Intentions & Connection

  • Learn the power of getting clear on what you want and how you can bring those things into your life

  • Engage in powerful activities to connect with other attendees 

Day 2: Discover Your Personal Power & Breakthrough Barriers 

  • Learn how to recognize your fears and their patterns and redirect them towards actions that are life-enhancing rather than life-suppressing. We hold space for you to process and release emotions that have held you back.

  • Overcome hidden blockages at every level of your being: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual that have kept you stuck for years, blocking your purpose in life.

  • Break your glass ceiling that is keeping you small and transform your reality to step into a bigger game in your life and career.

​Day 3: Expand Your Vision and Take Inspired Action  

  • Create a clear vision and a customized step by step plan for your next level of impact, leadership, and income in your life and career! ​This session will leave you inspired and empowered to soar beyond your wildest dreams with some key affirmations and support.

PLUS... interactive activities, a journaling session, intimate sessions to connect with like-minded women, exercise, pajama party, & so much more.

Transform Your Life At The Experience



Invest in an experience that will support you prioritize next level self care by rewarding yourself with a virtual retreat that upgrades you as a person and a leader. Invest in unforgettable memories for yourself and the experience of creating a new lifestyle of freedom, impact and fulfillment. 

Choose your retreat experience. There are two options for you to enjoy this experience:  General Ticket  or  VIP Experience 


$59 $149



  • 3 Days of Personal Growth, Mindset, Inner Healing, and Goal Setting Workshops

  • Interactive Activities

  • Welcome Themed Party on Friday Evening

  • Dedicated Time for Journaling, Reflection, and Self-Care

  • …and more!

(early access discount extended to October 29th. Price will increase to $79) 


$99 $199

(Only 10 spots left)



  • All The Benefits of The Regular Ticket, plus

  • Laser Coaching Lunch from Natolie (includes a $20 Uber Eats gift card)

  • VIP digital swag bag filled with goodies from sponsors

  • Manifest Your Desired Life Workbook

  • …and more!

(early access discount extended to October 29th. Price will increase to $119) 

Your retreat ticket is NON-REFUNDABLE, but fully transferable to another person if you can no longer attend. Contact if you have any questions. 


My name is Natolie Warren and I have the privilege of empowering spiritually rooted, mission-driven women and leaders to overcome their biggest unconscious blocks so they can have a more soul-led, joyous and fulfilling life and thrive in their personal and professional lives. With over 12 years of experience, I integrate psychology, personal development and spirituality coupled with my own personal triumphs to bring forward healing and transformation. I am the leader and founder of The Whole Woman Experience, a women's empowerment organization that is focused on personal and spiritual development. 

At retreats, I create a safe space that allows for a deeper healing experience. I support women to grow beyond their perceived comfort zones and limitations to be the best version of themselves. I am known for dispelling the myth of unworthiness and empowering women to awaken their inner whole woman. 

Natolie Warren


Reconnect, Recenter, Refocus.

Join us at the Experience


© 2020 by The Whole Woman Experience. 

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