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Jungle Waterfall


A Luxury Wellness Retreat to Disconnect, Breath, & Reconnect

Costa Rica
October 5th-10th, 2022
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If you’re a woman who is in transition and you are in serious need of clarity, renewal and relaxation,

then join us for this powerful and never-to-be-forgotten experience. 


Disconnect. Breath. Reconnect


Imagine waking up to the peaceful and rhythmic sound of nature. As you look out the window, you see breathtaking views of the ocean and the jungle. Your heart is slowly beating because you don't have the rush of the day or the responsibilities of life. 

You are fully present and in the wholeness of every moment. You are feeling caught up in an infinite sense of inner peace and love.

You want to pinch yourself as you realize this is not a dream but your reality

You are exhaling… you are undisturbed and relaxed. You are inhaling, catching your breath, and clearing your head. You take a mindful walk to the private waterfall to reconnect to yourself and God. 

The grounding feeling of this place brings rest for your soul and nourishment for your body unlike anything you have ever experienced. You are releasing the power of your SOUL

You truly feel at home within yourself, and you are loving it! 


You my friend are at the Imiloa Institute! Our Elite Retreat Location! 

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Disconnect from the chaos of the day-to-day and learn and practice the art of slow living and slow travel. Costa Rica is perfect for this because the people believe in Pura Vida, which means simple life. 

This will give you the opportunity to begin to move away from feelings of being stuck and simply going through the motions. How amazing would that be for you?!

Making transitions can evoke different thoughts, beliefs and emotions- some positive and some negative. It can cause you to hold your breathe and tightened your body, resulting in a mind and body disconnection. 

You will use the beauty and inspiration around you to not only slow down and regenerate but, in addition, I will be walking you through my secret weapons, breathwork, mindfulness and the alignment process, in order to help you identify what’s specifically keeping you from being able to move forward with ease and flow in any transition in your life.

For once, the planning, scheduling and logistics isn't left on your shoulders. Each step of your journey has been thoughtfully curated to not only allow you to maximize your travel to the beautiful country of Costa Rica, but to also to address the internal stressors you face that are preventing you from living each day to its maximum potential.  

More than a retreat, this will be a personal discovery where you will tap into honest understandings by reconnecting to what you truly crave and yearn for in life.

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Through each activity on the retreat, you will become inspired and enabled to make deep connections to what it is you want to create for yourself, whether it is more freedom, transitions in your career or business, have healthier relationships, or you want to adjust how you approach each day through the mindset of maximizing your personal wellness. 

You will begin to design an outline of how you will re-enter your state of "normal" upon returning home.

Throughout the retreat, you will be guided through impactful experiential activities that are selected and designed to assist you with breaking through roadblocks that are preventing you from creating a life that is constructed to support you in reaching your ultimate and highest potential in your specific area of focus. 

The Breathe To Life Retreat is woven together to be a celebration of personal fulfillment and wellness.

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Imilao Institute is a 5-star retreat center- bordering the jungle and the ocean- evokes an awakening and transformation. It is an eco-luxury experience with only plant based cuisine. We'll be spending five fabulous nights in the jungle of the Savegre Mountains with waterfalls and beaches close by. 

The Imilao Institute is immersed in a 22-acre jungle oasis in the Domincial Costa Rica. This enchanted jungle adventure is the perfect setting to experience life. Miles of jungle pathways that lead to different gems on the property. 


You’ll feel like you’ve found a secret oasis that only YOU know about…

And in typical Imilao Institute style, you will enjoy their salt water pools, private waterfalls, mountain meets the ocean jungle hikes, and spa services that will cause you to go deep inward. Your experience at Imiloa, by design, is sensual. All senses activated, you’re more open to discovery. Plus, there are more activities and offerings to take advantage of than you can possibly take advantage of!


Can you imagine how inspired and satisfied you would be with knowing the path that is best for you and you are actively participating in making your dreams a reality?

You have been yearning for satisfaction so no need to wait! On this life-changing retreat, through breathing and powerful centering exercises, you’ll amplify your personal power, solidify your inner knowing and recognize how powerful your gifts are so you can passionately pursue what’s in your heart and soul 100% without no doubt. It will be simple as ASK and you shall RECEIVE!

Can you imagine releasing past hurts in your life that are making life difficult now, the ones that you don’t have the skills or energy to deal with them?

On this retreat, through self-reflective exercises and evening chats, you will let go of the pain and patterns from the past resulting in your own transformation into worthiness, freedom, and love for decades to come. 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to connect to a group of like-minded soul sisters, making it easy for you to open your heart and soul, creating the perfect place to develop friendships that will last a lifetime?

A group of women are waiting for you. During our journey, you will connect with a group of like-minded soul sisters who are possibly facing similar challenges in life, where you feel seen and celebrated.


The Food


Imiloa Instiute has become known for their nourishing meals prepared by the Chef. 

Image by Zdeněk Macháček


Your Home For 6 Days... 

From the moment you enter the gates of the Imiloa Institute,  you will immediately be pampered and your curated experience will commence.

Imilao Institute has several different lodging options that range from a 200 year old Bali home with on the cliff, Geodesic Domes deep in the Jurrasic Jungle or Jungalows with bathtubs out to our unofficial sloth sanctuary. You’ll definitely have a story to tell about your stay at Imiloa.

You can choose your adventure based on your lodging option. Click on the image to learn more about each option. Pricing varies for single, double and triple occupancy. 













Watch the video below to see the perfect place for you! 




ONLY 2 Left
ONLY 2 Left


Transport yourself beyond the limitations of your daily life. The Breathe to Life Retreat creates the time and space you need to do a deep dive into your mind, body and soul. 

You learn the skills and benefits of being present, focusing your energy and reconnecting with yourself

Slow down your mind, bring clarity to your thoughts, and experience personal growth! 

Image by Alexandra Tran

“Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it.”



This journey is FOR you if…

  • You know you are in a transition in your life and you are ready to make some major shifts.

  • You deeply care about helping more people and making the world a better place.

  • It’s time to sync up your life with your soul!

  • You want more fulfillment and satisfaction in your life. 

  • You’re okay with being vulnerable within a sacred sisterhood.

  • You’re both excited and nervous about this experience!

This journey is NOT for you if…

  • You aren’t willing to take a leap of faith.

  • You don’t want to do your own inner work and overcome your own beliefs.

  • You’re attached to blaming outside circumstances for your happiness and success.

  • You enjoy making excuses, being negative, or defensive.

  • Personal growth and major breakthroughs bore you.

You are ready! This is your time! This retreat isn’t to be missed!
Private Aerial Yoga Class


6 Days & 5 Nights 
Luxury Retreat

Pricing after 04/5/2022




20% off the regular price when

you purchase your ticket

by 08/31/2022

Discount Code: retreat20

Now through 08/31/22

Save 20% off the regular ticket price

Use discount code "retreat20"

Save an additional $246 when you pay in full 




  • 6 days and 5 nights at luxury resort center accommodations, double occupancy, (yes, you can upgrade to a single room)

  • Ground transportation to and from the airport to the retreat lodging location (October 5th and October 10th at designated times only!)

  • All ground transportation to scheduled retreat events and excursions

  • All plant based meals (Do not fret as you will love the food!)


  • Yoga sessions

  • Cooking Class with Private Chef

  • Nature Tour

  • Daily deep-dive conversations and coaching sessions with Natolie, focused on visualizing and reflection of where you are, reviving who you are at the moment, and replenishing yourself to create the future you envision

  • Learn the daily art of designing and curating a calm and fulfilling life

  • Free high speed internet at the resort

  • Surprises, gifts and other scintillating extras throughout!

What's NOT included in your experience:

  • Your international round-trip flights from home
  • Souvenirs and shopping
  • Tips for drivers or services occured outside of scheduled retreat activities
  • Spa treatments on the property
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance (which is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED)

When you register for this experience, you will receive ….

412-gift-outline (10).gif

Pre-Retreat Call (valued @ $150)

Prior to take off we will have a group call that will set you on the right track for preparing for the retreat and your upcoming transformation!  

You will receive a 'pre-retreat pack' well before our call and departure.  

This call will also help with getting acquainted so we will hit the ground running at our welcome celebration and dinner party!

412-gift-outline (10).gif

Post- Retreat Call (valued @$150)

Upon your return home, Natolie will hold a post-retreat call to assist you with integrating your new learnings and remaining focused on your transformational experience and the actions that you planned to take to keep your create your newly crafted vision. 
1349-guarantee-outline (3).gif

​You are guaranteed to leave awaken to the truth of who you are and the joy that awaits you. 

Here what others have to say…
"Thank you for depositing so much in me. My son has been away and I've had so much time to journal and finish your book. I love the new me. I used grounding last night in the pouring rain because I started to feel heavy after meeting coworkers for dinner. The affirmations are on index cards on a key ring in my purse. I feel so whole. Thank you for your obedience." 

Shalom F.
Being at Imiloa was one of the most amazing experiences of my life with the kindest staff I've ever experienced. The location exudes peace and my time there helped me to experience a lightness and sensitivity of my needs which I will forever be grateful for. 

Brianna G. 
"The experience was refreshing and relaxing. I was able to rediscover who I am. I left with tools to renew my mindset and perspective. I have already taken action. 

Lisa P.
“Natolie is on your team! She wants to see you walk in your wholeness. She creates an experience that you will not easily forget.”

Tameka S.

You have Questions? We have Answers!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't afford a trip to Costa Rica? I certainly understand your concern. This is not a typical trip or vacation! This is an investment in yourself that supports you having the life you desire. The strategies, tools and resources alone are worth the cost of the retreat and will be instrumental when you return home. Then there is the experience of being in Costa Rica which only makes it better. So no need to worry! We have created payment options to make this a non-issue for you. Go ahead and start packing your bags now. 

How in the world can I leave my job and family for this long? This reason alone can be the reason why you should come to the retreat! You have to create the time and space for yourself so you can show up fully in life for YOU and others. You will come home better than you left and ready to take on the responsibilities of life. 


What precautions are you taking for COVID19?


Retreat with confidence during Covid-19. Your safety is our #1 priority. All attendees will be required to bring a negative COVID-19 test result dated within 36 hours of the start of the retreat.  You will also have to comply with any regulations of the country of Costa Rica, the United States and airlines. Currently, the United States has a requirement that you must test negative before reentering the country. You are responsible for paying for the COVID-19 test.  Click here to get details on travel requirements for Costa Rica. 
What is the cancellation policy? 
A deposit is required at time of registration.  Deposits are refundable until 120 days before departure minus $50 for administration fees.  Less than 120 days before departure deposits are 100% non refundable.  Any cancellation made between 7/7/22 and 9/4/22 will result in a loss of 50% of the trip price.  Any cancellation made between: 9/5/22 and the trip departure will result in a total loss of funds. We reserve the right to cancel the trip if it is not meeting the trip minimum (if we do so your deposit is refunded in full). Trip cancellation insurance is always recommended whenever making travel plans. You can use our suggested Travel Guard Insurance online and choose from several policy options. 

Do I have to participate in all of the activities?

Of course not! Each activity has been selected an arranged with the larger mission in mind, which is to assist you in reaching your ultimate goals surrounding your wellness. However, we all are the masters of our journey and you can opt-out of any experience. (Please note however, there will not be any monetary credits made for opting out in scheduled activities) In addition, keep in mind that there will be time for rest and rejuvenation built into the retreat itinerary. But please know, you always have the option of creating your own experience and relaxing in your room or lounging by the pool on the retreat.


How do I get to Imiloa Institute?

We will be staying in a beautiful resort in Costa Rica. You will fly into San Jose International Airport, Costa Rica (SJO). You will need to arrive by 1 pm CST as we will take a private aircraft as a group to Imiloa Institute property. ​

Who can I talk to, I have more questions?

We are always happy to jump on a call and speak with you! In fact we would LOVE it! Just email and we will get a call set up right away for you!

Natolie Warren

We all have stories. I know what it is like to be on a journey of transition. It feels like one day I woke up and I begin to feel like something was not right, I had a range of emotions, I felt lost and disconnected and I was questioning everything.  I did not have the words to describe it but I later learned I was going through a spiritual awakening.  I was hungry to know more about who I was, my purpose and how to share my gifts with the world.  This started on a journey of discovering my true identity and the power that I possessed.
This is why I am ecstatic that you are joining me for this retreat for not only the experience of a lifetime, but also for the experience of you investing in yourself, your growth, personal development and pressing into your passions that you have held close to the belt for fear that no one would "get it." Well, I do... and not only do I "get you" but I celebrate you!
I promise that you will not return home the same women you left. You will feel more alive and less stressed ready to make those life changes you have been talking about for way to long. You will say YES to the life you were intended to have.
As a life coach, certified mindfulness informed professional and psychotherapist, I am uniquely qualified and gifted to guide you through this journey. I utilize the tools that I teach to transcend anxiety, self doubt, unhealthy patterns and more. I am passionate about infusing psychology, spirituality and science to guide transformative growth experiences.  Through my own personal journey and over a decade of experiences supporting women, I have a crafted view and approach to creating greater fulfillment that has not only changed the trajectory of my life but soon, it will do the same for yours!
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